Things to do and see

You will be never short of doing something in Sri Lanka. Within an area of 65,610 square kilometers, the diversity of activities you can do in Sri Lanka is innumerable. As Marco Polo once said truly a Land like no other. Wherever you go you will be able to reach incredible golden beaches, ancient cities, cultural sites, Wildlife parks, beautiful waterfalls, untouched rain forests, rolling hill country with tea plantations and botanical gardens are some of the must see places of this paradise island.

Ayurveda Spa


Ayurveda spa is a health system that has been practiced in Sri Lanka and India for ages. It relies solely on natural medicine. Ayurveda has helped even in cases that seemed hopeless where western medicine has failed. It does not give the patient local treatment of individual organs, but treats him as a whole.



There are a number of things, which tourists can buy in Sri Lanka. Gems, Readymade Garments, Batiks, Tea and Handicrafts are popular shopping itineraries.

National Museum


Colombo’s National Museum is a must-see sight. Within its hallowed halls you’ll encounter all manner of art, carvings and statuary from Sri Lanka’s ancient past, as well as swords, guns and other paraphernalia from the colonial period.



Sri Lanka is famous for its spices and spices gardens. These spice gardens offers tourists memorable visits to various spice plantations in Sri Lanka. During early historical times Sri Lanka known as Taprobane, was world renewed for its Quality Spices.

Jem in Rathnapura


Ratnapura (“City of Gems”) is the name of the provincial capital of Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka and the Ratnapura District in which the town is situated.



Dehiwala zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia founded in 1936. It is a home to a variety of animals and birds. There are over 3000 animals and 350 species. 100 species of mammal, 110 different types of birds, 65 species of fish, 3 amphibians and 10 species of marine invertebrates can be found within the premises.

Nelum Pokuna Theatre


The Nelum Pokuna (Lotus Pond) – Mahinda Rajapakse Theatre is a fully equipped sate of the art performance centre, meant for large scale theatrical productions. The theatre consists of two venues for performances, which includes the main auditorium and an open air amphitheater. Situated in the heart of Colombo city, this modern architectural

Dunhida Waterfall


Dunhinda waterfall is big waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is at Soranathota place of Badulla Sri Lanka. Dunhinda waterfall is made by jump water with high gap of Badulu river. This water ways started with Uma Oya, Hal Oya and various water ways. Dunhinda is at Badulla – Mahiyangana road and there are about 10km from Badulla town.



With its extensive coast-line and numerous reservoirs and lakes, Sri Lanka is an excellent place to cast your line and participate in the exciting sport of inland and deep sea fishing. Inland fishing can be arranged at any time of year due to the constant smoothness of the water on inland waterways and reservoirs located around Sri Lanka

Vedda in Sri Lanka


Veddas are the aborigines or indigenous people of Sri Lanka .Now you can see in Dambana, Danigala area. Mahawansa reveals that Veddas are descended from Prince Vijaya (6th-5th century BC), the founding father of the Sinhala nation, through Kuweni a woman of the indigenous Yakka clan whom he had espoused.



The cracking of the whips, signaling – the same way they have done for centuries – the arrival of the Sri Lankan Perehera. The enchanting rhythmical throb of the drums accompanied by equally fascinating tunes flowing from the flutes will not only hold you spellbound till the end but will definitely make your feet do a slow motion jig.